About Car Shipping Calculator

About Car Shipping Calculator

The Car Shipping Calculator on this website is created to help you find out the cost to ship your car.
Our Calculator is Informative, FREE TO USE and People Friendly.
If you planning to ship your car, you can easily calculate the shipping cost for free without being asked for your email or get offered a quote.

We made this car shipping calculator to help you save money in a way that it shows you the average shipping rates from the major United States shipping companies.

If you received a car shipping quote that is ABOVE this calculator average costs, we highly recommend for you to research another car transport company.

Our unique car shipping calculator generates shipping rates with all user-submitted elements, distance, the car make and model, etc giving us the power to offer best prices without hidden fees which most car shipping brokers tend to impose.

  • Our car shipping calculator automated system calculates the cost of car shipping based on the history of vehicles that have been shipped on the exact or related route.
  • Calculated quotes generated by the car shipping calculator are estimated based on the nearest metropolitan to the pickup and drop off place.
  • The calculated rate might change if your pick-up or drop-off place is not on one of the car shipping companies usual routes.

We made this Car Shipping Calculator with many years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry and focusing it mainly to help people to avoid making expensive mistakes when they ship their vehicle.